I’m Bobby Jeffries, a patriotic American citizen, proud Millennial and Idealist without Illusions from Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Along with working as logistics director for my family’s business in the great state of PA, I also ran for federal office, published a book called “America’s Perigon” featuring a forward by my close friend and mentor, New York Times Bestseller, Roger Stone, and had the pleasure of connecting with thousands of incredible people during my extensive travels across our nation as a public speaker and activist.

In addition, I founded the successful Trump 2024 Draft Committee and serve as Founder and Chairman of Right America, a non-partisan, non-profit political organization dedicated to supporting public policies that are morally right and drive America in the right direction.

Over the years, my work has landed me on Fox News, Newsmax, OAN, Real America’s Voice, LindellTV, Infowars, along with countless amazing podcasts and radio shows.

Here on my Substack I plan to promote the ideas I know to be true, expose corruption wherever I see it, and give my take on the issues of the day.

It is open to anyone who chooses to subscribe. If you enjoy what you see here, I would greatly appreciate if you upgraded to a paid subscription, which will allow me to grow this page and promote the right ideas from a millennial perspective as widely as possible.

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Bobby Jeffries' Substack aims to examine various topics and issues in politics, history, and current events while articulating the truth, as I see it, from a millennial's perspective.


Proud American & Pennsylvanian, Millennial, Author, Public Speaker, Activist, Idealist without illusions.